PANDA 4WD RCV Camera platform & Auto lifting & rotating mount. PANDA can mount R2 or R-MX gimbal and Alexa Mini, RED Cams and DSLR’s.

Think of it like a motorized Dolly that does not require tracks and also suited for Snail VR & 360 VR video shooting.

Easy to transport, short set up, no need for tracks and can be placed in any type of floor without damaging the floor. Suited for spaces where Dollies can not make it in.

For Sporting venues, Theater stages, Concert venues, Live sports and any other filming occasion.

Perfect options for surfaces which requires extra care.

360 & VR, it can be equipped with diverse types of panoramic cameras. Can be used as fixed-point shooting and motion shooting.


Max load PANDA RCV: 35kg.

Max load Auto Lifter: 11kg.

Standard port: suitable for VR panoramic Cameras, such as Jaunt one, Nokia OZO, Insta360 Pro, Gopro, Kandao Obsidia, Z Cam S1

* Speed: <10 km / h

Technical Parameters:

PANDA RCV size: 900 x 510 x 150mm

VR bracket height: from 1120 to 1600mm.

PANDA Net Weight: 20.20kg.

VR bracket Net Weight: 21kg.

Brushless Motor: 150W high power.

Car Battery: 36V, 2.6Ah 93.6Wh capacity lithium battery, ensure 4 hours of drive time.

VR bracket Battery: 36V, 2.6Ah 93.6Wh capacity lithium battery, ensure 4 hours of operation.

Steering system: 2x55KG Servo.

2x6V 4600mA battery to supply power.