Remote Production & Filming / リモート・プロダクション&撮影



  • 5月以降100名以内までの撮影は許されております。
  • キャストに関しては2メートルの距離を置くのとマスク着用の必要はございません
  • C) 制作オフィス、制作車両、ロケベース、ケータリングエリア、キャスト待機エリア、撮影現場での技術部は全てマスク着用は義務ずけられております。
  • 制作部、技術部、メークや衣装部グローブを使用する様弊社は義務付けました。ケータリングはコビッド以前からグローブ等は使用されております。
  • 上記エリアにて消毒液ステーション提供。
  • 上記エリア及びインドアセットでの朝、昼、終了後の消毒スプレー作業。



Remote shooting



  • 1. Stream to multiple locations?
  • Yes.
  • 2. Stream time delay?
  • The camera feed delay is only 1-2 second, worldwide.
  • 3. Stream secure?
  • The stream is fully secured by our private, secure DataCloud, providing global access to a full HD stream via your desktop, tablet or smartphone! Low latency h264 streaming runs through private data cloud via https protocol and it is protected by password or PIN for each unique user. 
  • 4. Stream video and audio simultaneously?  
  • Yes.
  • 5. If internet connection is slow
  • We can downsize streams to SD ( standard ) quality for users with limited internet connectivity. To stream the full HD quality video with good & smooth playback, a minimum of 10 Mbps download speed is required.
  • 5. Any special equipment to see the video stream?
  • No, traditional computer or tablet, smartphone, etc. with an installed web browser.
  • 7. Record of the feed?
  • Yes, part of dailies.
  • 9. Stream the whole shooting day?
  • Yes, streaming complete shooting day including video assist review.
  • 10. Backup options?

The backup option is Livestream based on, or platforms from the camera with longer delay /app.20-30 secs/ . There is a 12 hours limit of one stream.

Preproduction :

  • Production office surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized on regular basis.
  • Production to supply face masks, disinfecting hand soaps, hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes and hand gloves throughout all areas where the production team will be operating.
  • Production vans will only transport a limited amount of passengers to make social distancing possible.
  • All production vehicles  will be deep-cleaned prior to the commencement of production  and will be wiped down periodically.
  • Production will adhere to local governments’ social distancing recommendation – 2 metres.

Casting :

  • Initially, depending on how many talent will need to be cast, casting sessions will be a combination of talent recorded remotely over Zoom or Skype and re purposed casting agency’s existing talent footage.
  • Callbacks will be done remotely over Zoom or Skype.

Set rules and recommendations :

  • Safety meeting to be held by 1st AD at the beginning of every shoot day to address safety rules and protocols.
  • All crew except talent have to wear face mask/protection at all times.
  • Set medic at every shoot.
  • Walkie talkies will be sanitized before and after use each day. Each crew member has to keep their WT on them at all times throughout the shoot day, no sharing is allowed.
  • Recommended social distance on the set is 2 meters.
  • A checkpoint will be installed, where at the beginning of each working day the Health & Safety Team will check the general health condition of each crew member.
  • A dedicated team will be hired to disinfect the premises of the set & lunch space, before the start of each prep/shooting day, during the lunch break and after the wrap.
  • Production will prominently display signage to remind people to frequently wash their hands. These will be posted in bathrooms and also on the set, in the areas with hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes and hand gloves.
  • Crews will be encouraged to frequently wash and sanitize their hands.
  • There are no government imposed rules to the amount of crew on set, common sense has to be used.

Stage and  Locations :

  • Prior to the shoot – interior locations and stages will  be disinfected with ozone generators and all surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized.
  • Throughout the shoot, surfaces and high traffic areas will be cleaned regularly.  

Art department :

  • Prop department will allow for as few people to handle key props as possible, all props will be frequently sanitized.
  • Art department will clean surfaces prior and throughout the shoot days.  

Hair&Make up :

  • Production to hire as little hair/make up crew as possible to minimize human contact.
  • Makeup/Hair to wear Personal protection equipment and disinfect hands before treating every new cast member.
  • Each talent to be treated by disinfected tools, where possible single use applicators should be used.
  • All other equipment must undergo deep cleaning prior and post any shoot.  

Wardrobe :

  • Production to minimize the amount of wardrobe personnel.
  • Wrd personnel to wear Personal protection equipment and disinfect hands frequently.
  • Wardrobe and accessories  will be cleaned and sanitized prior to every shoot day (washing or dry cleaning is recommended).

Set rules and recommendations :

  • Rental houses are obliged to disinfect equipment prior to the shoot.                                            

Catering :

  • Lunch break to be staggered to avoid crowded lunchrooms or create multiple lunch rooms with more space.
  • Catering to only serve pre packaged meals and pre wrapped utensils.
  • Craft service containing only packaged snacks, nothing on open air, fruit on demand; pre-packaged snacks only.
  • Crew members will have each their own labeled water bottles, water dispensers will be provided.

Sustainability :

  • We are looking into ways how to keep our productions sustainable while looking after our crew’s safety by implementing special Covid 19 health protocols.

The safety of our crews, talent and clients is our utmost priority.

We understand that each country/production company/agency or client may come with their own health protocols and requirements on the top of what we will be automatically implementing. We are prepared to treat these requirements with our clients on case by case basis.