Make the budget lighter and allow the potential of the “GRIZZLY” Dual Camera Platform RCV. Capture the main shots and/or additional angles of your next film project.

All terrain Cine Camera RCV with Dual Camera Platforms.

Our Custom Made 6X6 RCV CAMERA CAR PLATFORM is suitable for low to medium height angle filming. It can act simply as a dolly or chase vehicle for low to medium speed scenarios.

Grizzley has good off-road and shock absorption performance, six-wheel drive and six-wheel steering, outstanding control, stable operation, very sensitive steering, strong climbing capability, and sufficient power, suitable for all kinds of roads and terrains.

The large-load dual-platform can carry two sets of Gimbals and professional cine cameras, which makes the position and angle of the camera more flexible and diverse, giving a smooth and stable motion capturing.

Applications are wide from Feature Films, Commercials, Documentaries, Music Videos, Live Sports, indoor or outdoor and delicate floors such as dance floors, palace floors or theater stages.

Compatible with most brands of three-axis stabilizer such as DJI Ronin-MX, Ronin, Ronin 2 and Freefly Movi stabilizers.

Suitable for professional Cine Cameras such as; ALEXA Mini, RED’s, DSLR’s, GoPro’s (for VR/360 mode), etc.

Grizzley Technical Parameters:

Dimensions: 1180 x 550 x 280mm

Weight: 27.5kg w/o Gimbal & Camera

Max Load: 40kg
Max Speed: 60km/h

Operation time: 30 min.

Battery: 2X 14.8V Lipo batteries

VR/360 Technical Parameters Auto lifter

Auto lifter VR bracket height: from 1120 to 1600mm.

Car Net Weight: 29.7kg.

Auto lifter bracket Net Weight: 21kg.

*Requires 2X operators.

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